I continually make photographs and explore new photographic technologies. I push my digital photographs through techniques of different software applications. In some cases, my work exists as traditional large photographic prints and other artworks become a new visual interface for a web page, or the artwork exists only in a digital gallery. My digital photographs have been collected in the traditional manner, i.e. by the purchase of a print or traditional gallery exhibition and have also been included in the larger world of the web environment. For example, recently my work was included in an International Digital Art Exhibition based in Australia where the exhibition existed on the web, was subsequently printed out and exhibited traditionally in galleries and museums throughout Australia and will be traditionally exhibited in a new media art gallery in New York City. Because these digital photo artworks move electronically they can be digitally printed for any exhibition space. This represents a new approach in the exhibition of new media works and has implications on the traditional collection model that museums and collectors have used in the past. It is a new and emerging practice that I embrace and promote as a working artist.




winter ::  Miami, FL, 33131
summer ::  Narrowsburg, NY, 12764