design X: critical reflections was an exhibition, catalogue and conference.

The premise for the project was that the designer's personal viewpoint and style that is the humanizing element essential to making the vast quantities of data meaningful, useful, comprehensible, and compelling. The new designer is a mix of craftsman in computer technologies, literate in perceptual processes, and has an equally strong personal voice to put forward. Designers in the new-media world combine these personal investigations within the demands of a consumer economy.

The premise for the exhibition is that design in society has become more than print-based commercial communications. The constantly emerging interactive information technology requires new structures for social dialogue. It includes time-based interactive media and computer-network interfaces that use new dimensions of sound, motion, time and virtual space. Design can emerge as a quintessential profession of the twenty-first century, combining commercial imperatives with a process of cultural interpretation that uses text, pictures, symbols, and technologies. The result is design as a synthesis of art and technology that reshapes the context of social interaction. The focus of the exhibition and publication takes on the perspective of contemporary design issues including the far-reaching impact of information technologies. It will bring out the love and hatred of technology, the empowered and the powerless of the information age and role of the designer in our culture. Each designer was chosen to represent a specific perspective on design practice and will contribute to the critical dialogue on the development of contemporary design.




winter ::  Miami, FL, 33131
summer ::  Narrowsburg, NY, 12764