Sample Exhibitions and Collections

This list refers to art collections which include my personal individual artworks of artist books and/or photographic prints.

Museums have art collections that are separated by media and managed by a curator with an accomplished record of research in their area of expertise. The curator selects the artwork for that particular art collection. The collections are generally made up of individual artists’ works that represent the highest quality in the field. Where my personal art work was collected is indicated by the name of the institution, e.g., the Metropolitan Museum in New York; followed by a list of the specific artworks.

Collections: International

International Digital Award, Contemporary Museum of Art, Perth, Australia, 2003
1  print was collected through a purchase prize

Museum de Pinar, Cuba, 2002
A suite of 10 digital photographic collage prints was selected for the print collection.

*Art Gallery of Hamilton, Canada
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

Collections: National

*Museum of Modern Art, Sachner Collection of Artist Books, NY
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

*Museum at the State University of California at Long Beach,  the Artist Book Collection is part of the Photo Collection of the Museum.
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

*Art Institute of Chicago Museum, Artist Book collection is within the Prints and Drawing Collection, Chicago, Illinois
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

*School of the Art Institute, The Joan Flash Artist Book Collection, Chicago, Illinois
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

*Hemmingway Center for the Book, University of Idaho, Boise, Idaho
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

*Metropolitan Museum of Art, Artist Book Collection is located within the Print Collection, New York, "Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

*Center for Creative Photography (CCP) at the University of Arizona, Arizona
5 photographs were collected through a purchase award.
7 additional photographs were donated from collection of Robert Heineken

*Southern Illinois University grant from the Ill. Art Council
3 photographs were collected through a purchase award

*Northwestern University Museum of Art, Special Collections, Illinois
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

*University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City, Iowa
“6 of the Best”, silkscreen prints
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

*Franklin Furnace Archives, New York City
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

*National Archives, Washington D.C.
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”

*Boston University, Museum  Book Collection, Boston, Mass
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk"

*Museum of Contemporary Art, Artist Book Collection, Chicago, Illinois
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk"

*The Walker Art Center
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk"

*The University of California at Los Angeles Art Museum
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk", "Real Blue Skies”
3 photographs donated from the Robert Heineken Collection

*The San Francisco Art Institute, Artist Book Collection, CA
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk"

*University of Chicago, Studio Area Library, Artist Book Collection, Illinois
"Forever Yours", "Sweet Junk",

Invited Exhibitions

“Rivers Project: US” A global exhibition featuring art works that approach water issues at the cultural, social-political, economic, ethical, philosophical and scientific interface. After seeing “Trickles to Transport” (my current video about the Delaware river) Irene Klaver, Professor and Director Philosophy of Water Issues Program, University of North Texas, asked to me to participate in an International Exhibition called: Rivers Project:.Invited by curator Julliet Davis, Professor at the University of Tampa and Curator, to produce an artwork for WE2 an experimental interactive media adaptation of Yevgeny Zamyatin's classic novel entitled We.       (

International group exhibitions:

Video In the Built Environment   (
v1b3 focuses on the integration of new media art with the built environment through curated site-specific interventions, screened presentations and collaborations with architects and developers. It is a growing collaboration that involves over 100 international artists, architects and designers interested in issues of public and urban interaction with new media art.
My videos are included on 3 v1b3 DVD video collections. There are 12 artists videos included on each  collection. The artists were selected from 50 submissions/collection on average. All of the collections were peer reviewed by Cezanne Charles, Executive Director of New Media Scotland and Kate Taylor, curator of the BBC’s Big Screens”, England.

The collections have been been included in many installations and screenings including:
vidi festi in Valencia, Spain 2007
v1b3 mobile video, Castlefield Gallery, curated by Daria Martin, Manchester, UK 2006
Americans for the Arts Conference, Milwaukee, WI,  2006
Chapman University in Orange, California, 2006
ArtSpace, College Art Association, Boston, 2006
v1b3: Collection 1, Orlando & Manchester, UK, Exchange exhibition 2006
v1b3: Collection 2, Chicago, Manchester & Liverpool, UK, Simultaneous exhibition 2006
London Study Center, 2006
Singapore, Gnee Ann Polytechnic, 2006
v1b3: Site: Chicago Loop, Four site-specific video works projected in the south loop 2005
University of Kansas, Collections 1 & 2, 2005
Miami University, Collections 1 & 2, 2005
University Film & Video Association, Formal Screenings Event, 2005
Film & Video Festival, University of Tennessee, Collections 1, 2005
Gnee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, Collection 1, 2005

Publications and Citations:  Articles and Reviews that include v1b3
Kate Taylor, 2006, Milwaukee, WI “Material Meaning: Process, Product and Preservation in Public Art”, Americans for the Arts Conference.
Kate Taylor, 2005, “Programming Video Art for Urban Screens in Public Space”, BBC conference in London, England
“First Monday”, (online peer reviewed journal), Special Issue #4, 2005
Michelle Kasprzak, “The Art of the Interstitial”, Glowlab (, 2005, (An article about public video screens, she has included a link to

International group exhibitions continued:

“Wouldya” and “Swerve to Look” video’s were included in this exhibition that was shown for two weeks on the Big Screen in Manchester, England, March 2005  (the Big Screens are large outdoor monitors set up by the (BBC) British Broadcasting Center and located in town centers.
Ars Electronica, 2005, a video “Nowhere to Look” was designed for view on the internet was accepted to be include in a web based exhibition, Austria, June 2005 (this is one of the largest and oldest new media exhibitions, the exhibition is one part of the prestigious conference on new media)
“2004 International Digital Art Exhibition”, Traveling Digital Photo Exhibition, Australia (two
digital photographs selected for the exhibition) (Selected from over 4500 entries)
2004, Australia, “International Digital Art Awards Exhibition”, featured in 'Digital Photography
& Design Magazine
“Learning to Love you More” Bristol Art Center Project, London, UK, July, 2004 (one photograph selected for the web exhibition)
“Endangered Sounds Project” sound piece included in the Biennale of Electronic Arts in Perth, Australia  Nov, 2004
“Daumenkino” (The flip book show)  Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Germany,  May 2005
(my Real Blue Skies artist book was selected for this exhibition and DVD catalogue) (invitation)
Outside of a Dog: Books by Artists, Baltic Center for Contemporary Art, England, 2004 (invitation)
Academy Gallery, University of Tasmania, Australia 2004 (juried)
QIT Art Museum, Brisbane, Australia 2004 (juried)
VAC Gallery, University of Melborne, Australia, 2004 (juried)
2003, Australia, “International Digital Art Awards Exhibition”, featured in 'Digital Photography
& Design Magazine (Selected from over 1500 entries)
Museum Exhibition in Pinar, Cuba 2002 (juried)
IV Salon Y Coloquio Internacional de arte digital, Havana Cuba (digital printmaking and photography, 2002 (conference and juried exhibition)
Digital Art: Languages and Poetics, 2001, Havana, Cuba (invitation)
Prix Arts Electronica exhibition in computer and multimedia art, Germany, 2000 (juried)
Museums and Web Conference Exhibition, Toronto, Canada, 1998  (invitation)
*“Telematic Proto Art,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1992 (juried)
*"Learn to Read Art: Artists' Books", Hamilton Gallery, curated by Wendy Woon, Canada, 1990 (juried)

National group exhibitions:

“Trickles To Transport”, Denton, Texas, 2007 (juried) (highest rank in selection process)
“Artist Books revisited”, Yale University Library, 2006 (invitation)
Digital Art Extravaganza, Limner Gallery, May 2005  (digital photograph selected for exhibition)
“Ideas” exhibition and catalogue held in conjunction with the International Digital Arts Association conference (3 digital photographs selected for the exhibition, one selected for the catalogue)
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Digital Art Exhibition, (one digitial photograph selected) Los Angeles, Feb. 2005
Public.exe: Public Execution, Exit Art Gallery, New York City, 2004 (invitation)
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI), New School of Social Work Exhibition Area,
December 2002  (invitation)
Digital02 Exhibition, New York Hall of Science, NY City, October, 2002 ((juried))
The American Museum of Natural History, NY City, Nov. 2002 ((juried))
60 Square Inches, Purdue University Galleries, Indiana, 2002 (juried)
TarantoLabs Gallery, NY City, December, 2002 (juried)
Franklin Furnace's 25th Anniversary exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Branch, NY City, 2001 (invitation)
Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 1997  (invitation)
Nexus Multimedia Events, Chicago, Illinois, 1996   (invitation)
MIT teleconference Open Gallery, MIT Creative Lab, Massachusetts, 1996   (invitation)
“Recent Works, Language Photographic Pieces,” University of Alaska Gallery, Alaska, 1993  (invitation)
*“Some Zones: American Alternative Publications”, Boise State University, Idaho, 1992-3
*“On Works of Paper”, University of Delaware Biennial Exhibition in their Art Museum, 1992
*"Works on Paper", McNeese National, Honorable Mention, 1992
Franklin Furnace, Franklin Furnace Gallery, NY City, l985
*"The Terminal Show", Terminal Building in Brooklyn, New York l983
*"Women Artists' Books", Dia Center, New York City, curated by Lucy Lippard, l980
*"Unique Format", Virginia Commonwealth University Art Museum, Virginia, l980
*"Art in Print: Books and Periodicals", West Hubbard Gallery, Illinois, l978
Prairie State College Art gallery, Illinois, l978
*"Pictures", Diablo Valley College Art Gallery, New Mexico, l978
*"The Art of Offset Printing", The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, School Art Gallery, l978
*"Artwords and Bookwork’s', Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, l978
Gallery Association of New York State Exhibition, l977-78
*"Women", Center of Photography, Austin, Texas
*"Xerox", University of Colorado Art Museum, l977
*"Four for Illinois", Columbia College Art Museum, Chicago, l976
*”Prints California”, Oakland Museum, California, l975
*Woods-Gerry Mansion, RISD Student Art Gallery, Rhode Island, l975
*"Women Look at Women", Connecticut Council for the Arts, l974
*”New Photographics”, Central Washington, l972

Regional and Local group exhibitions:

2003, 2 photographs from the “50:50” landscape photographs on view at State office building.
2002, Lillian Garcia-Roig and Gail Rubini, “Abstracted Landscapes: 2 Views”, City Hall
Gallery, Tallahassee
1996, 4 photographs from the “Beach” photographs were selected to be on view, Vice President
of Research Office, FSU
1994, “Southern Women Invitational”, Le Moyne Art Foundation, Tallahassee
*"Works on Paper IV", Valdosta State College, 1992
*"Orlando Museum Juried Invitational", Orlando Museum of Art, 1992
*"Women Faculty Members" FSU University Gallery, 1992
*"FSU Faculty Invitational", Center for Professional Development, 1991, 1993
*"Cultural Artifacts", Florida School of the Arts, l978" Books as Original Art", Florida School of
the Arts, l978








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