exhibitions and catalogues

The development of producing exhibitions and catalogs began by collaborating with a group of artists on an area of research that looked at the book as the interface for collected thought. All of the exhibitions and catalogs were collaborative projects. With the development of computer technologies, the stability of the book as an interface for collected thought and beliefs was challenged. The result of the research was a project that became a series of publications and exhibitions called: The Future of the Book of the Future. The exhibition and publication examined the implications of new technologies on reading, writing, printing, and distribution of ideas. Over the years I have continued to curate exhibitions and create catalogs of the research, and artworks. Each publication was reflective of the exhibition and contained articles examining specific forms for the exchange of information specific to the project.  Artists often come together to work on projects together. The new technologies facilitate this and the exhibitions help artists to have a direct avenue to the public.

The sidebar is a list of some of the exhibition catalogs produced.




winter ::  Miami, FL, 33131
summer ::  Narrowsburg, NY, 12764