Art 2 Make was an exhibition + digital catalog of artists that create sculptural objects using digital files and 3D printing techniques. The catalog is freely distributed and provides the files for anyone to “print”.

Art 2 Make is an exhibition catalog that brings together a collection of 3-D artworks from fifteen media artists and an essay article that reviews the work inside. Unlike most catalogs, the pages contain the code for the object and the viewer can use the file on any 3-D printer and collect the pieces. It follows the experimental format of both the previous projects: Scan 2 Go and AR 2 View. Both publications include features designed to provide additional information to each page by using the text and image to function as interactive interfaces for mobile media hardware.

My thanks and much appreciation must go to Meredith Hoy for her generous commitment to this project. Artists creating 3-D printed artworks are at the edge of emerging digital media and as such rely on articles like Meredith’s to help their work be seen and understood.





winter ::  Miami, FL, 33131
summer ::  Narrowsburg, NY, 12764