The Positive Power Mobile Media Personal Media / Public Good

So far we have proved the technology. We have the capability to send text, audio, video, whatever to devices that you can carry in your pocket, palm, pack, or purse. Now it is time for mobile media to prove its value. Can video delivered to your cell make a difference in your life? Can cell phone video make your community stronger? Can this most personal of media be used for public good?

All of the mobile media producers were given a social issue/challenge/problem important to Athens (substance abuse, persistent poverty, ethnic divides, substance abuse, AIDS, and smoking -- view the workshop themes). Each producer was teamed with local authorities with expertise on issue in the local context. The mobile media producers were then handed cell phone video cameras (the Nokia N90). In 10 hours, the Mobile Media Teams planned, shot, edited and published short video presentations addressing these social issues. As a producer, I was asked to examine the Aids problem and we decided to use video messaging to get the word out to be tested.  Clicking on the cell phone will allow you to see the message.




winter ::  Miami, FL, 33131
summer ::  Narrowsburg, NY, 12764