Grants & Awards

Grants Funded

This is similar to grants for research, but the resource level in the arts is significantly lower because grants in the arts do not include operational or indirect expenses. Many of these grants were at the maximum allowed by the granting entity. For example, the grants from the Florida Arts Council for both the “Future of the Book” project and the “designX: critical reflections” were the maximum grant allowed in the exhibition area.

International and National


CPATH Grant: Making Connections in Computer Science by Linking Science to Practice through Digital Media. A series of summer workshops was funded by National Science Foundation.

Principal Invesitigators: Jennifer Burg, Professor of Computer Science at Wake Forest University and Conrad Gleber, Director of Digital Art and Media Design at La Salle University(s). 

My role: The grant was initiated from roundtable discussions with faculty from both the digital media and computer science areas about ways to reinvigorate computer science curriculums. A growing number of computer science educators have come to believe that the problem is in the computer science curriculum, where theory is not linked sufficiently to practice, and science is not linked sufficiently to hands-on applications in art, business, biology, and all the other potentially related disciplines. Because of my work in both design and science education, I was the project leader for the Florida State University workshop.

2003 – 2005
Research Grant: Burning Issues 2 – The Role of Fire in Ecosystems, funded by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior, Washington D.C. project grant award: $340,000

My role was art director and graphics designer for the project. I designed and produced all of the graphics used in the project.

Grants received for the Future of the Book of the Future exhibition and catalogue publication. $30,000 Grant from the Office of Information and Infrastructure Protection Agency, Tokyo, Japan,  $20,000 Grant from Keio University, Tokyo, Japan


Grants received for the Future of the Book of the Future exhibition and catalogue publication. $1500 funded from the PacTel Foundation, The PacTel Corporation is the telecommunications company for the Alaska and a corporate Sponsor for the Arts in the Northwestern U.S.  $2000 funded, University of Alaska, Presidents Grant


$10,000 Grant from Apple Computers for the “designX: critical reflections” exhibition
To cover all technical needs for the exhibition.

$12,000 funded Florida Arts Council grant, for the “designX: critical reflection” exhibition and catalogue. (external funded)

$7000 Grant from JL Properties (a corporate sponsor with a continued interest in funding new media arts projects.), Salt Lake, Utah to develop the On-Line Learning Environment. This was a prototype for a web-based museum in the arts and science. It was developed using interactive 3-D and sound/video transmission technologies and designed to improve public access of science and art through the use of high-quality telecommunication and information technologies.

Grants received for the “Future of the Book of the Future” exhibition and catalogue publication.
Florida Arts Council,  $12,000
Apple Computers, $15,000
Microsoft Corporation, $2000
Begos Publishing,  $5000

There were many in-kind contributions from national publishing companies who donated books published on CD ROMs. There was additional local technical support from IBM to install and maintain the computers used during the month long exhibition.

University one semester sabbatical to work on “designX: critical reflections” publication and exhibition.

Faculty Research (COFRS) Regular Summer award to develop “designX: critical reflections” publication and exhibition. $8000.

Office of Research, Equipment and Infrastructure Enhancement Grant (EIEG) to develop virtual visiting artist series using web and teleconferencing techniques. $5000.

FSU Office of Research Planning Grant for the ” Future of the Book of the Future” for the publication of a CD ROM and Web Site $5000

Office of Research, Equipment and Infrastructure Enhancement Grant (EIEG) Grant to add Digital Imaging to the Graphic Design labs, $5000 (internal funded)

1976 -78
Polaroid Corporation Grant,  SX70 photographic material in the Photography Level 1 course at the School of the Art Institute Chicago (SAIC).

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